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Hunger Relief for Africa

A personal campaign sponsored by Aaron Foster

April 15, 2022


Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Foster. I am hosting a stream at six o'clock Eastern Standard Time on 4/15/2022 and 4/16/2022 on twitch. After reading the books Unbowed, Trevor Noah born a crime, and Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, for my African Literature course, I was inspired to do what I can to help Africans in need. One of the major issues that I noticed while reading the books for my course was the lack of food. Due to deforestation caused by oil companies and military regimes, many Africans suffer from a lack of food. With your help, we can help many families in need. All donations from the stream will be sent here. Thank you for your support. 

Link to Twitch stream:  https://www.twitch.tv/deltasigmaphiwmu



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