What is MyCause?

Simply put, it is place where you can fundraise for a cause you care about. It allows you to raise money for things like Child Protection, so children in vulnerable places don’t have to worry about being trafficked. Or Animals & Agriculture, where we help families put food on their own tables along with raising livestock like goats and chickens for income. And even Clean Water, because we believe everyone deserves access to clean water! In three easy steps you can pick a cause that means the most to you, set up and personalize your fundraiser, and start sharing with friends and family.


What can I raise money for?

There are 10 causes World Vision supports globally and you can read more about them in detail here. Your donation will be used to support and supply the biggest need in that category. This allows us to be flexible and make sure where the need is the greatest, we can step in. 


How will you use my donation?

We promise to use your donation in the most effective way possible. Donations will provide assistance where it is most needed within that category. With larger and more specific items such as wells, clinics, and schools, World Vision pools donations in order to provide as many big items as possible where needed.


Is this donation tax-deductible and will I recieve a reciept for it?

Yes, your gifts are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt for your donation. 

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