Thank you for visiting my page.  My name is Tyler and I AM MAKING A STAND!   I know that clean water saves lives. Every day more than 4,000 children die of water-and sanitation-related diseases. I want to show GOD'S love to a hurting world.  I want to do something. Something life changing and I would like you to join me.  Giving to the Clean Water Fund will help bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities.  This will help cut child deaths by more than half!  Your gift of clean water will also help save children the suffering caused by parasites, worms, dysentery, and diarrhea. Plus, they will be able to attend school because they will not have to spend their days sick in bed or walking long distances to collect water.

MY STORY: I have been on a mission since September 2011. It all started one day when the mailman delivered The World Vision Gift Catalog.  I took the magazine to bed with me and read it from cover to cover.  I could not believe people did not have clean water to drink.  It comes straight out of my faucet!  Not having clean water was hard to imagine.  I knew I wanted to do something for these children and families.  My heart was very sad.  I decided the next day that I was going to "MAKE A STAND"!  God put the passion to provide CLEAN WATER to people on my heart.  The project is ongoing and forever evolving with new ideas and BIG DREAMS

DREAMS in the WORKS:  What about ONE DAY & ONE CAUSE Lemonade Stands throughout the community?  June    2018 Sacramento Antique Fair....I will be selling lavender bundles (fresh from our family farm) and some handmade leather bracelets.

Doing and Done:  I have collected recyclables in my neighborhood and at school, make and sell "BLING" BRACELETS, have had several Lemonade and BLING stands, as well as, Hot Cider stands during the colder months. I continue to be EXCITED to see what GOD DOES! I had an amazing opportunity Summer 2013 to partner with my church, Bayside, during their Breakaway summer camps.  I was able to share my passion with a ton of kids and sell hundreds of my BLING bracelets.  It was amazing!!! Thank You BAYSIDE and CAMPERS!

In December 2013, I "MADE A STAND" twice. One was at a Holiday Craft Faire in Loomis, CA and the other was at the Christmas Outreach Boutique at church. My mom and I made lots of unique crafts and gifts and we also sold mandarins from our mini orchard and my signature BLING bracelets.  We got to meet a lot of people and share my story.  Can't wait for next year!  

Summer 2014 has come with some challenges for me.  I broke my leg shortly after school was out and was crutchin' it for several months, but I still "Made A STAND" at Music Nights in Loomis, CA at The Train Depot on August 8. It went AWESOME.  World Vision was there, music was great, and our friends and family came out to support.  I also "MADE A STAND" on October 4 at the Loomis Eggplant Festival.  Once again, the stand was a sucess with over $1100 raised. Thank you to all for supporting a great cause.

My work continues.  This past summer, June 2018, I "MADE A STAND" at the Sacramento Antique Faire selling our farms fresh and dried lavender bundles, as well as, some great leather cuffs engraved with my motto "MAKE A STAND".  The market was a great success. Half of all proceeds went straight to my CLEAN WATER fund.  Close to $800 was raised.  Thank you to all the fair goers and my loyal supporters.  We are one step closer to reaching the goal.

I will continue to update as my next event gets closer.  I am hoping it will be this coming November, when our farms mandarins are ready to harvest.

Stay tuned!!!

To date close to $20,000.00 has been raised.  A lot of lives have been saved.  GOD is GOOD! 

Every gift you give will make the world a healthier, happier place. Plus, every donation is tax deductible. I am grateful for your support and will keep you informed of the progress we are making together. Please join me in changing the world for children in need!

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    Love, Tyler Brunst