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Well for the Congo

A personal campaign sponsored by Revolution Church

August 1, 2020


Revolution Church is expanding it's reach and becoming an active partner in improving the lives of people beyond our local community.  We are humbled to announce our Clean Water for the Congo Campaign as we seek to fund the drilling of a deep well in the African nation of the Republic of the Congo.  The Congo is located in Central Africa (formerly known as Zaire), and is ranked the fifth most fragile state in the world.  It is estimated that 51 million people (three quarters of the population) have no access to safe drinking water. A scarcity of clean drinking water has led to internal displacement for many.  For people in developing countries clean water can change everything.  Access to clean water means education as walking for water keeps kids out of school.  Clean water means income as people can use their time earning money.  And it means better health conditions as most of the current water supplies carry diseases that make everyone sick.  Having clean water can break the cycle of poverty, and empower families to build lives of security and dignity.

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