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Water for Malawi Health Clinic in Memory of Rob Moll

A personal campaign sponsored by the friends and family of Rob Moll


Rob Moll brought exuberant passion to the world around him — passion for knowing Christ, for loving his family, for exploring God’s beautiful creation, for service and for the written word.

Rob and his family moved to the Pacific Northwest to answer the call to serve the poor in the name of Christ through World Vision.  Through his five years of faithful service, he used his gifts and talents to help the church and World Vision supporters understand the importance of serving the least of these around the world.

Rob, his wife Clarissa and their four children are all passionate supporters of World Vision.  They sponsor children in his beloved country of Malawi, and they have also run for Team World Vision in the Seattle and Chicago marathons.  Because of his passion for this work and for the country, the family asks that you would prayerfully consider funding a community health clinic with clean water in Malawi.  Your gift will enable World Vision to bring water to a health center, ensuring that mothers and children will be able to experience the joyous occasion of child birth in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.  

We miss Rob and mourn the loss of him from our earthly lives, while we take comfort that he has gone home to be with our Lord and Savior.  We also rejoice in the impact Rob had to everyone in his life as well as so many people he would never know through his work with World Vision.

After the love he had for Clarissa and his children, he would want us to serve the least of these in Jesus name.  Please join us to make the desires of his heart a reality.

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