Coronavirus Emergency Response

World Vision's Coronavirus Emergency Response

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Help provide urgent and life saving relief for those affected by coronavirus!

World Vision has been responding on the ground since the beginning of the outbreak, meeting critical needs around the world. As the virus and its secondary effects are felt, our staff are reaching at-risk communities with supplies here in the U.S. and abroad. Your church's donation will help deliver things like face masks for health workers; thermometers, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and emergency food for children and families; and health training to keep everyone safe.

In the U.S. we’re working in under-resourced communities, hand in hand with church partners and school districts, to:

Across all of the countries where we work—and especially in 70 countries where the impact could be the most devastating—we are scaling up our prevention and response programs in three ways:


Training trusted leaders to protect communities

Our Channel of Hope program equips faith leaders to engage their communities when epidemics arise. Our experience in training over 400,000 leaders in 50 countries in how to respond to Ebola and Zika viruses has shown that when trusted faith leaders engage with their communities, real breakthroughs can be achieved in slowing the spread of diseases like COVID-19.  Now, trusted leaders who’ve been trained are actively combating fear, stigma, and misinformation, and encouraging behaviors like handwashing to slow the spread of the disease.

When a crisis strikes, World Vision is there 

We respond immediately with life-saving help and supplies to support families as they recover and rebuild. World Vision is a leader in emergency relief, with decades of experience and an established network of staff ready to respond to any type of crisis, anywhere in the world. World Vision staff are closely monitoring the situation, which is changing by the day. We are providing travel guidance for staff as well as health information designed to keep them safe. We will also observe government and local authority health guidance, which may at times prohibit travel or require people to work from home.

Join us in prayer. Please pray for:

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Thank you for your support and prayers for all impacted by this devastating coronavirus outbreak!

If your church would like to do a love offering for donations, checks can be mailed to the address below.
Please indicate source "400042449 – Coronavirus Response" for World Vision staff. 

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