Child Protection through Education in Kenya

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Breegan Jane - Advocating for Children

In March 2018 I traveled to Kenya with World Vision and the Kenya Child Protection and Education Project, and it was life changing. My family and I have been donating money to this cause since 2011, and this trip was an opportunity to see the difference it has made first hand. In this area, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a horrible but common cultural ritual that girls ages 8 to 14 must often endure before being married off at their young ages. The process is done without proper medical supervision or sanitized tools, and there is no anesthesia. These girls suffer severe risks from the procedure, and some even die from loss of blood. To say I was mortified upon discovering all of this is an understatement. I was desperate to find a solution.

World Vision and the Kenya Child Protection Project understand that the key to ending this cruel abuse of power for these girls lies within the access to education. Many of the young girls’ fathers don’t see them as valuable and refuse to pay for schooling, leaving them with one life option: FGM and early marriage. By donating to this cause, you not only help a girl escape FGM, but you also give her the gift of schooling and a path to a brighter future. Your donation enables her to become a nurse, doctor, teacher, whatever she wishes, and bring that income and those skills back to her family and community.

These young girls are some of the bravest I’ve ever encountered. They are trailblazers, changing not only their own lives, but the world around them. Please consider donating to this amazing cause. Empowering girls leads to empowered women who enhance the world in which we all live.


My Biography

California native Breegan Jane is a mother and entrepreneur with an innate desire to inspire, empower and advocate for women and mothers around the world. She uses her weekly radio show MOM LIFE YO to provoke earnest, honest conversations to help strengthen and advocate courage and self-worth within the global network of women. 

As a single mother who was transracially adopted at birth, Breegan understands the importance of empowering diverse communities through unity, philanthropy and cultural interdependence. As a World Vision supporter, Breegan dedicates her time and efforts to help women and children. She hopes to continue traveling around the world with World Vision as an ambassador of hope, and a change agent for opportunity in needed communities around the world.

Breegan continues to break gender and cultural barriers by successfully balancing careers as a female interior designer, real estate developer, radio host and social influencer. Throughout it all, her favorite role is being mother to her two amazing sons, Kingsley and Kensington.


Please join us to help protect the bright futures of children in Kenya.

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