Melka Bello Water Project in Ethiopia

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Living Water, Abundant Life

In February 2015, a group of women from Albuquerque, NM traveled to Ethiopia on a vision trip to spend time visiting various Area Development Projects supported by the local Women of Vision Chapter. While traveling, we observed many people who had little or no access to clean water. Their options were to draw water from unclean sources or walk many miles to a community with a clean water access point in order to fill 5 gallon gerry cans. Primarily, the burden was on the women to carry the full containers strapped to their backs.

Seeing their need, while realizing our abundance, our hearts were moved with compassion, and we were compelled to act. As a group we prayed and decided to help fund a clean water project in Ethiopia. With joyful anticipation, we look forward to seeing how God fulfills this need through the prayers, resources and efforts of many.

We invite you to join us in making a difference. 

The total needed to complete the project is $500,000. Our group goal is $250,000 and we have already raised $210,000!


Quotations from the group "Living Water, Abundant Life":

After watching all the hard working, industrious women while in Ethiopia, I was moved to help make their daily life easier. -- Tina Poper

To witness a village with a clean water source was life changing for everyone. Water is an essential human need that every man, woman and child deserves. -- Marka Otoski

Our sovereign God has placed us in America where we have an abundance of many things. We want to share from that abundance so others may only have to walk 30 minutes to get water instead of 4 hours. -- Jolene Benoit

Sharing a meal in our sponsored child's home and hearing his mother/grandmother tell me, "You are his mother also, because you gave him your heart" moves me to want to participate in providing basic needs, like water, in other communities.” -- Melissa Kunkle

I was moved when I realized our group had the luxury of drinking bottled water, while we saw many women wait in line for hours to fill their containers for a week. -- Kathleen Cantwell

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