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Artwork 4 Hunger Pamoja # 400049845

East Africa Hunger Crisis



I felt the Lord prompt me to continue this fundraiser.  The new number is 50.000.  

I feel that if the Lord wants me to continue, He will provide.

Any amount will help,  thank you for your donation!

I'm painting a series of paintings to show the work World Vision is doing to help children and families living in poverty.

Please, join me on cheering me on and giving to World Vision's East Africa Hunger Crisis fund. Our gifts will save precious lives and help stop the further spread of famine. Because of grant funds, our gifts have 7X their regular impact, which will provide emergency food, clean water, access to life-saving medical care, and more to children and families fighting for their lives.

"This little girl of ethnic Yao is washing her hands under the clean tap water,
thanks to the drinking water project launched by World Vision".
 Photo: 2014 WV Staff/World Vision

"Moving Mountains"

Witnesses of hope and reconciliation,
Andrew and Callixte truly hated each other and now they are working together and they are not only reconciled but are the best of friends.   Andrew's daughter is going to marry Callixte's son. 

When they pray together, they move


 Photo credit World Vision/ Jon Warren 

 This painting is from a photo taken from Megan Pratt / World Vision of a volunteer "Dee Billing" visiting her sponsor child in Uganda.  The first time I met this lady was at a conference,  she was praying over all the cubeicals of the staff in the building.  I think she’s a pretty remarkable lady doing what she does in her eighties and I just couldn’t resist the sweet interaction in the photo.  (and of course the chicken) :)  

 “The search for clean water” is Painting number 4.
Children in Rwanda looking for clean water but all they can see is pollution as far as the eyes can see. They have no choice but to drink it, even though animals use it to defecate and it will make them very sick.
Photo reference Jon Warren/ World Vision 

2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren

“Sonali twirls outside a Child-Friendly Space across the street from a brothel in Bangladesh where her mother works. I love this moment because her carefree dancing and beautiful dress reflect who Sonali is inside. Her name means “golden.” 

World Vision/photo by Laura Reinhardt
 A sweet connection between a mother and son as they walked through the snow getting water for the family in Amasia, Armenia.    

“Families and children collecting shrimp fry near Mongla, Bangladesh where some children do hazardous work. I thought this painting was going to be about food security but when one of the staff members of World Vision posted some articles on child labor it occurred to me why there was so many children on the beach fishing. The child labor can be hazardous and is not always on the shore, it’s machinery, hard labor and sometimes far from home. Struggling families need the income and can’t afford the fees for uniforms and supplies for school. World Vision opened up a child-Friendly Learning Center here so the children can learn life skills and play in a safe environment to grow and give them a good future.

Painting #8 of my art project series. This one challenged me, I still may do some little fine detail when it’s dry and I don’t really know what kind of trees these were but I sure got lost in the complexity of them. I always play music while I’m painting and this dance (or game) seemed to go pleasantly with this so I called it “joy”. World Vision's photographer "Laura Reinhardt" dancing with the the children in Zambia.
The importance of fun and play are crucial to a child's growth and wellbeing.
Photo credit Jon Warren/World Vision 🎶 

Painting #9 of my art project series. “Carry each other’s burdens”. Two-year-old Pascal follows a group of older children while carrying firewood back to his home in Rwanda.
Photo credit World Vision

With painting number 10, I wanted to do one that would highlight the refugee crisis but which one would I do, when there are so many refugees right now! 

In the world's largest refugee camp is located near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.   A refugee mother "Salima"  and a little girl named Jannatul (which means best heaven) holding each other because its all this mother has left after losing her husband and two other kids.  She sings her a sweet lullaby and all is at peace until morning,  Families live in small overcrowded and hot shelters made of bamboo and plastic tarps that often leak during monsoon season storms.

Photo credit World Vision/Jon Warren

Hunger. Drought. Conflict. These are the deadly forces that children and families throughout East Africa are facing.

Parts of South Sudan are already in the grips of the hunger crisis, while areas of Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia are on the brink of catastrophe. Tens of thousands of children could starve to death because of food and water shortages.

Luckily, World Vision has boots on the ground to bring life-saving hope. But they need our help.

 We can make a difference!  Join me in this endeavor by donating any amount to this hunger crisis.  Really, no amount is too small!

Please help me get the word out!  Share this with friends!;) 

Help cheer me on by donating to this wonderful cause!

About the picture above

Thank you World Vision photographers, storytellers and missionaries showing us the incredible beauty of the people and places that WV works. It is SO very important, especially now in the times that we live in!! :) 

All pieces will be sold for World Vision's work in the field. 

 Artwork for hunger

Summer project series

Eight paintings to tell the story of why sponsorship is so important.

⁕ Part one

⁕Part two 

*Part three/ "In His Shoes"

#1 "A Picture of Faith" Fleeing violence for faith/Refugees  

#2"The Gift" Hunger/Children taking care of children

#3"Work of Love" World Vision's work, love and ministry of the dedicated workers

#4"Grateful Mama" Hardships turn into gratitude for mothers.Maternal health, healthy childbirth and medical help.  

#5"Nirma's Story" Child marriage/ Child protection

#6"The Joy of Clean Water" Wash programs and clean water is everything for a good future.

#7"Books and bricks" Child labor/ Education 

#8 "In His Shoes" Compassion in suffering/hands and feet of Christ.

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

 Photo credit

Jon Warren/ World Vision 

Lindsay Minerva/World Vision

Laura Reinhardt/World Vision 

Nissi Thapa/World Vision

Ester Luis/World Vision