Changing Lives with the Gift of Sheep and Goats

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Join Sofia's Travel LLC by helping families put food on their own tables. 


The world is a fascinating place. At the same time travel shows you that there is need in the world. Sofia's Travel LLC wants to share an opportunity to make a difference and give back.


One in eight people in the developing world do not have enough to eat. Many rural farmers in developing countries work day and night but are still unable to provide enough for their own families, much less sell for additional income. It keeps them locked in a vicious cycle of poverty.


Together, we can help families break this cycle — transforming lives for generations to come. A sheep can change the life of a family by providing warm wool, nourishing milk, and offspring that can be sold for extra income. A goat also nourishes a family with protein-rich dairy and offers an income boost by providing offspring and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt to sell. And the families can receive training to keep the animals healthy and thriving, along with ways to develop skills in finance management and business strategies to help grow their small businesses.




Join Sofia's Travel LLC by helping provide sheep and goats to families today.


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