We are raising money for the Syria Refugee Crisis, the greatest humanitarian disaster of this century. Civil war has torn Syria apart. Roughly 12 million people – over half the country's population – have been displaced by the fighting, many seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Over 3.6 million people – moms and dads, sons and daughters – are living in refugee camps in unimaginable conditions. (That’s like the population of Los Angeles!) They are not much different than you and me. Many lived a middle class life in Syria… doctors, lawyers, teachers… but now everything has been taken from them.

It’s the children who suffer the most. More than 6.5 million children have been impacted since the crisis began over 4 years ago. Many children have lost their friends, family members and seen unspeakable horrors.

Displaced Syrian families lack adequate shelter, clothing, food, and basic supplies. World Vision has scaled up our response to the crisis, and Spark's help is needed more than ever. Spark Church has pledged to raise $10,000 towards the following needs. Join us!

$15 can provide a blanket to a refugee.
$50 can provide a refugee with food for one month.
$55 can provide a family with clean, safe water using a water filter.
$100 can help provide a learning program for refugee children, preparing them for school.
$250 can help establish a safe space for children to play and begin healing from trauma.
$325 can provide newly-arrived refugees with the basics they need to survive their first month.
$3,875 can keep a Child-Friendly Space running for one month, providing a safe place for 120 children to play.

And thanks to a grant from USAID, any amount we raise will have six times the impact to help refugee children and their families.

Thank you for your support!


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