Water for Life

A personal campaign sponsored by Rachel Guest


Donations Received

Rachel and Robert Guest donated $55.00 11/17/2016
From Laney Family donated $50.00 11/17/2016
Rush Family donated $50.00 11/17/2016 From Rushes
Anonymous donated $50.00 11/17/2016 From Laney Family
Anonymous donated $15.00 11/11/2016 What a wonderful way to celebrate his life!!
Anonymous donated $25.00 11/11/2016
Anonymous donated $25.00 11/05/2016 Happy Birthday!
Sydney McMichael made a donation 10/19/2016 Thanks for sharing your sweet story Rachel! Happy Birthday Jayden!
Anonymous donated $10.00 10/18/2016
Sheila Bunn donated $10.00 10/12/2016
Anonymous donated $20.00 10/12/2016
Anonymous donated $5.00 10/12/2016 From Gail Dillard
Alma Rivera made a donation 10/12/2016 Happy Birthday Handsome Little Jayden! :)
Anonymous donated $25.00 10/11/2016
Kelly Satrum donated $50.00 10/11/2016 Rachel, I'm so glad that you're sharing your son's birthday with us. This will be a blessing to so many people.
Anonymous donated $25.00 10/11/2016
Emily Hall made a donation 10/10/2016
Anonymous donated $10.00 10/10/2016
Kyle Cruzat made a donation 10/10/2016 Our Father is so faithful. Even in our uncertainty, He provides a way for reconciliation and freedom. Thank you for sharing your heart today, and for including us in a victory for the Kingdom of God.
Clean Water made a donation 10/10/2016

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