The idea behind this challenge is the famous and highly successful Ice Bucket Challenge.

To do the challenge, one must walk one mile with an added challenge. For example, I encourage all Mom's of babies and toddlers to walk a mile carrying their little one, just as many Syrian Mommies have to do to get their family to safe ground. If you don't have a small child to carry, try carrying a 20 lb bag of potatoes, a heavy backpack, your dog, whatever! Do the one mile barefoot, in the dark, up a long steep hill or with an elderly relative. For some people, just walking the one mile might be a challenge in itself, and that's okay! The point is to be challenged, imagine what life would be like had you been born in Syria and were forced to do anything to keep your family safe.

Once, the challenge is completed, take a short video. State what you did (the #onemilechallenge), describe how it felt and most importantly - challenge 3 friends to do the same! If they choose not to do the challenge, then they can donate to here (you can just paste the link on your status) OR you can share a video and donate! It's the best of both worlds! The donations will go to World Vision's Syria Crisis fundsWorld Vision is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with communities worldwide and tackling the issues of poverty and injustice.

GUYS, I am so excited about this, I think this has potential to do great things! The Ice Bucket Challenge raised over 100 million dollars! Even if we manage to only raise a fraction of that, we will make a huge impact!

Why is it important to help? The Syria Refugee Crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of this century and not enough people are talking about it. Of the 12 million Syrians affected, half are children. HALF. Many are now facing an uncertain future in crowded refugee camps where hope is hard to come by. Worldwide, nearly 60 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. These people need our help. They need us and the money you donate will go towards providing food, clean water, emergency supplies, access to basic healthcare and education, child-friendly spaces and safe places to play.

Doing the One Mile Challenge not only gives you a bit of understanding and insight to what the refugees experience, but sharing the video and challenging friends spreads awareness and will help raise funds to support the Syrian refugees. Our goal is to inspire you to help those who are suffering and struggling so much further than just one challenging mile. We hope you make a donation, yes, but helping is helping, whether that is by sharing a video, signing a petition, making a donation, volunteering or writing a letter to your state representative. Even if you don't make a donation toWorld Vision, we hope you help in your own way.

The truth is we can't even comprehend what these families or their host countries are dealing with on a daily basis.  Innocent families are being bombed, starving and in desperate need of medical attention. HALF of the Syrian refugees are children. CHILDREN. These children are not in school, separated from friends and family, in dire situations and they belong to us. It has been said that, "there is no such thing as other people's children." These children are OUR children, and they need our help.

We would love for you to spread the #onemilechallenge like wildfire. Tell your friends, share this post, share the fundraising page; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great ways to share too! And, if you're looking for other ways to help, follow this link and find petitions to sign, organizations to donate to and ways to volunteer.

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