Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk

Build a Cause for Clean Water


Donations for Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk

Anonymous donated $200.00 05/22/2017
Anonymous donated $400.00 08/31/2016
Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk donated $20.00 08/31/2016 Money from chore walk.
AJ,Deb and Family Joseph donated $100.00 08/31/2016 Great job!!! Keep it up!! You are making a big difference in people's lives.
Anonymous donated $100.00 08/31/2016 We love you and are proud of you!
Anonymous donated $50.00 08/31/2016
Laura & Evan Los donated $50.00 08/31/2016 Thanks so much for your help with our ivy!
Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk donated $72.00 08/30/2016 From doing chores in the neighborhood
Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk donated $40.00 08/30/2016 Money earned doing chores for neighbors.
Samantha and Rob Davis donated $50.00 08/05/2016 Great job, guys! Keep up the good work. Your efforts will bless so many deserving people just like you all.
Anonymous donated $25.00 08/05/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 08/05/2016 Congratulations on your noble effort to bring clean water to those in need! - Mr. Shane
Anonymous donated $500.00 07/16/2016 So very proud of all your hard work to help needy people get a well! Thank you for helping in our backyard, clearing away the big branch and the load of firewood! Keep up the good work!!
Kimberley Araujo donated $30.00 07/15/2016
Christopher, Kaela and William Didyk donated $571.00 06/14/2016 Cash money raised by Christopher, Kaela and William by doing chores around the neighborhood.
Elizabeth Imes donated $100.00 06/14/2016

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