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I'm fundraising for children and communities around the world in need of clean water. This World Vision Magazine is devoted to stories from Zambia, but it highlights the kinds of water improvements that are being done all over Africa.

 We saw amazing work being done in providing water when we were in Africa in January.  We witnessed manual drilling for shallow water which is very economical and allows a locally trained water drilling cooperative to drill wells in less than a week.  We saw truck mounted drill rigs in Ethiopia.  23 new  wells are to be drilled in the next few months in that area.  Every operation was done safely and efficiently. We were definitely impressed.

But there is really no thrill like seeing children and families cup their hands under water spigots for the first time!  The water is clean and cold and reliable. The kids sitting with us in this photo  lost two siblings to water-borne bacteria.  Imagine the joy of having reliable clean water at last!

Will you give the gift of clean water to a child in need? Just $500 provides clean water to TEN thirsty children through World Vision's work, but $5000 gives water to A HUNDRED people.  We are SO GRATEFUL to all of you who have donated already.  This means so much for the universal coverage goal that World Vision has set for a few years down the road.  

I am so impressed when I hear about how delivery of clean water is accelerating with new technologies and holistic development strategies.  World Vision is optimistic that universal coverage in all their areas of work can be achieved by 2030.  We can make a huge difference.  LET'S DO IT!

Thanks so much for your donation. Remember, Jim promises to match the total you have given!!!


Sherree Funk


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