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Dear World Vision Supporter:

My wife Denalyn and I have had the privilege of traveling to Ethiopia, where we’ve seen
both the immensity of the water-scarcity problem and the opportunity for service.

You may know that Africa is littered with broken-down water wells. Some statistics
suggest that half of all water points fail within a year or two—and it is heartbreaking to
witness the need on the faces of children living without clean water in these communities.
Yet I have great faith in World Vision’s ability to provide sustainable water solutions that
meet children’s desperate need. World Vision is committed not only to providing water
for the body, but water for the soul—and each of their initiatives finds ways to share
the story of Jesus and the promise of eternity.

A major study by the University of North Carolina’s Water Institute shows that
World Vision has cracked the code on keeping water sources functional over the long haul, with nearly 80 percent of its water points continuing to function even after two decades!

This is because World Vision does more than build wells: it helps establish local
committees that take ownership of their water source, charging a small fee for usage and
making repairs when necessary. World Vision’s approach means that your gift of water is
more than a one-time thing. Its effects will be felt for decades.

This Christmas, I challenge you to join Denalyn and me by giving as generously as
you can so that 20,000 people in 60 Ethiopian villages will have access to safe water.
We have already secured half a million dollars for this project. We aim to raise another
$500,000 by the end of January to meet their needs by June 2015. This is an endeavor
that will change the lives of every man, woman, and child in 60 villages in rural Ethiopia.


Max Lucado

Remember, any amount you give today will do TWICE as much in providing safe water for children and families who so desperately need it. $25 now has the impact of $50, giving one new person access to clean water. And $50 turns into $100, providing two people with clean water!

In addition to working with World Vision and clean water, Max and Denalyn Lucado are child sponsors. Max has also committed to find sponsors for 25,000 children and we are almost there:



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