Coronavirus Emergency Response


Coronavirus Emergency Response

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Help provide urgent and life saving relief for those affected by the spreading coronavirus!

World Vision teams worldwide, and particularly across Asia, are doing all they can to keep children and their communities safe. In China, World Vision aims to support nearly 390,000 people in Hubei province, the area most affected by the virus, as well as provinces where World Vision has development work.

The emergency response will include providing face masks to communities and health workers, distributing hand sanitizers and other personal hygiene items, and supporting efforts by local health authorities, schools, and local partners to communicate stay-safe health messages. The current cost of these efforts is estimated to be $2.5 million.

World Vision offices across Asia are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and are putting in place coronavirus response plans to support sponsored children in areas where the virus is present. While the number of countries reporting people with the virus is growing, no illness has been reported in children sponsored through World Vision.

Photo: Residents in Nanning City in China wear face masks to protect themselves during the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.
(©2020 World Vision/photo by Addie Liao )

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Learn more about the coronavirus and World Vision’s response here

Thank you for your support and prayers for all impacted by this devastating coronavirus outbreak!

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