Super Cereal

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Super Cereal – It’s All In The Name

For a hungry child, it’s a chance to be healthy, happy and full of life.

Your Church’s love offering helps save children’s lives!

Good Food = One Part of the Big Picture

Providing children with nutritious food like Super Cereal is just one piece of World Vision’s family of powerful solutions. It’s all about sharing God’s love – in a practical way.

Malnourished children face the constant threats of stunted growth, bone loss, and disease. Super Cereal provides a powerful solution allowing hungry children to grow strong. Your church can help ensure kids are fed, addressing immediate food needs and empowering families to grow strong. Thanks to public grants, your church’s gift multiplies in 7 times the impact.

If you’d like to mail a check to World Vision, please indicate Re: Super Cereal - 400039100 and send to:

World Vision
PO Box 70363
Tacoma, WA 98481

What’s Inside Super Cereal?

With Super Cereal, hungry children can grow healthy and strong. It’s a smart way to give them strong bones, bright eyes, and healthy muscles. They’ll have the energy they need to run and play – the way children should. Working hand in hand with partners like World Food Programme, we bring this life-saving porridge to children who need nourishment. It’s easy to eat and tastes so good they’re able to lick the spoon clean!

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