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For a hungry child, it’s a chance to be healthy, happy and full of life.

Providing children with nutritious food like Super Cereal is just one piece of World Vision’s family of powerful solutions. It’s all about sharing God’s love – in a practical way. While we’ve taken enormous strides in ending world hunger, children are still suffering. We have solutions, but need resources to bring them where they are needed. 

The problem is that child malnutrition sneaks up on parents. Day after day of not receiving quite enough food doesn’t seem like a life-threatening issue—but that’s exactly what it is! Worldwide, malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to deaths of children under age five. They are also at greater risk of infection, which kills many children during their early years. And malnourished children who live to adulthood never reach their full size. Their growth is stunted. Their brains are affected, so they have developmental delays. Their ability to work and be productive can be quite limited.

Super Cereal provides a powerful solution allowing hungry children to grow strong. A ration of this cereal weighs just over 13 pounds (6kg) and holds one month’s supply of nutrient-dense food for a child. In 2020, together we used more than 393,000,000 pounds (that’s 196,500 tons) of food supplies to help NOURISH CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.

Your church can help ensure kids are fed, addressing immediate food needs and empowering families to grow strong. Thanks to public grants, your church’s gift multiplies in 6 times* the impact.

What goes into Super Cereal?

Needed to support healthy bodies in many ways

Loaded with protein, as well as calcium for healthy bones and teeth

Rich in vitamins that help fight disease

Gives quick energy kids need

High in protein and a source of carbs and fat needed for growing bodies


If you’d like to mail a check to World Vision, please indicate "Super Cereal - W10002622" and send to:

World Vision
PO Box 70363
Tacoma, WA 98481


At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.

*The multiplying effect from grants and donated goods may change throughout the year on identical or similar offers due to variations in the start and end dates of donor grants and our programs.

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