Safe Water for Families in the U.S.

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Safe water isn't just an issue in developing countries.

Millions of lives in communities across the U.S. are threatened by contaminated water.

Unreliable municipal water systems, including aging treatment plants, old pipes, and overflowing sewers, have created a significant public health concern. More and more often, unhealthy levels of contaminants like lead and algae are being discovered, resulting in “no-drink, no-boil” advisories. In fact, a 2016 EPA report showed that only nine states had acceptable levels of lead in their drinking water.

In rural areas, toxin levels are also on the rise due to agricultural run-off and the use of chemical fertilizers. Even families in remote areas that lack water lines are vulnerable, particularly in the cold winter months, as water pumps break and pipes burst.

Just $2.50 can help one family facing a water crisis by enabling World Vision to deliver bottled water and home filtration systems. That means your gift of $50 will provide 20 families with safe water, helping ensure that kids and families stay healthy.


Please join us to help provide safe water for children, families and communities.


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