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Become a member of Kenya Big Dream and help provide a future of hope for girls facing FGM and child marriage in Kenya


Thank you for visiting my giving page! I went to Kenya with World Vision in 2009 and my heart was broken and my mind lit on fire. On that trip, I met 34 girls living at a rescue center in West Pokot Kenya. These young girls had run away from their families to escape female genital mutilation (FGM) and early forced marriage - brutal traditional practices that rob girls of the future they want for themselves. I could not believe such things were being done to girls in the 21st century! The project World Vision created provided an alternative to FGM and early forced marriage and allowed girls the opportunity through education to create a new era. Over the last 10 years, FGM prevalence in this community has plunged from over 95% to under 10% today!


Hope realized is a powerful force and it creates a fly wheel of transformation.  


That project has become the basis of the Kenya Big Dream – the dream is to free girls from FGM everywhere World Vision works in Kenya.  Together we can provide a hopeful future for girls to step into their potential through education and create better livelihoods for their families – which will remove economic pressure of the bride price (dowry) and allow them to thrive. 


I retired 2 years ago from Microsoft so I could focus my time and energy as a volunteer in helping World Vision raise money for the Kenya Big Dream project.  Why? Because it’s proven that although the ritual of FGM is centuries old, it’s less than a generation deep.  The Kenya Big Dream will be truly transformational for hundreds of thousands of girls.  Will you join me with your support?  I hope so!


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Please join us to help protect the bright futures of children in Kenya.


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