Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief with Willow Creek Association

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we're working with local churches on long term recovery for families.

Hundreds of thousands of survivors are in need of disaster assistance after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. Heavy rain and massive flooding around the Houston area have taken their toll on families' lives.

As a valued Willow Creek Association partner, your church can help.

Give a love offering to provide emergency supplies like: Food and water, temporary shelter, mixed medical supplies, hygiene kits with soap, shampoo, and diapers, clothing, and more.

Hurricane Harvey: FAQs

How is World Vision responding?

As we tracked Harvey's approach, World Vision began shipping relief goods from four of its field sites across the United States. “We’ve been responding to emergencies in the U.S. for decades,” says Reed Slattery, World Vision’s national program director for the United States. We want to make sure to get these relief supplies down there as quickly as possible to help the children and families affected by this storm.”

How can I help?

Lead your church in responding with a love offering to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Join us in praying for people affected by the storm as well as for emergency responders.

“Almighty Father, we ask for Your mercy on those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Protect people. Guide emergency responders as they seek to help those in need.”

Prefer to send in an offline donation? Download this form to send in your love offering.


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