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Powerful Hurricane Harvey ripped into the Texas coast with 130-mph winds and a massive storm surge.  

Life-threatening heavy rainfall is causing devastating flooding throughout the region.

You can help!

World Vision is responding to the crisis with emergency supplies including food, blankets, tarps, medical supplies, and more.

World Vision is sending emergency supplies right into the disaster area.  Supplies including food, clothing, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, toiletries and medical supplies will be distributed to children and familes affected by the disaster.  Relief supplies can reach impacted areas within 5 hours after leaving our main disaster response facility in Grand Prairie, contigent on clear and safe travel paths.

“We’ve been responding to emergencies in the U.S. for decades,” said Reed Slattery, World Vision’s National Program Director for the United States. We want to make sure to get these relief supplies down there as quickly as possible to help the children and families affected by this storm.”


How can I help?

Right now, our warehouse staff, truck drivers, and local partners are working to mobilize and deliver relief supplies to affected communities as quickly and safely as possible.

Continue the flow of emergency supplies by donating to World Vision’s Disaster Relief in the U.S. Fund. You will directly affect our efforts to care for families in great need after this catastrophe.

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