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Famine. Drought. Conflict. These are the deadly forces that children and families throughout East Africa are facing.

Parts of South Sudan are already in the grips of famine, while areas of Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia are on the brink of catastrophe. Tens of thousands of children could starve to death because of food and water shortages.

But this crisis isn't hitting the news as it should be. 25 million people, our brothers and sisters, are at risk of starvation. This famine is likely to be the most devastating since we were kids and witnessed Ethiopia's famine, the one that inspired "We Are the World", and Bono's first trip to Africa with World Vision. We were on the front lines then, and it was a World Vision plane that carried reporters who broke the story of a "biblical famine" to the world.

We still have boots on the ground in East Africa to bring life-saving hope in Jesus' name. But we need your help.

Your fundraising campaign on behalf of the East Africa Hunger Crisis will save precious lives and help stop the further spread of famine.

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