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Please join us as we seek to improve learning outcomes for children through focus on functional literacy and numeracy, practical life and citizenship skills, safe schools, and equitable access to quality education – including fragile contexts and emergency settings.

World Vision believes that the education of children, youth, and adults is at the heart of sustainable development. Most people agree that without education, it is nearly impossible to progress out of poverty. Yet, today, there are an estimated 58 million elementary–age children who are not enrolled in school. Many children who are in school still do not achieve functional literacy and numeracy skills due to overcrowded classes, lack of supplies, teachers who need more training, or disruption due to disasters and prolonged crises.

We are further expanding our work to help ensure a safe, inclusive, quality education for children – including girls and those with disabilities – and equip them with the skills and knowledge they deserve for a more promising future.

Join us to raise funds for this mission. YOU can help ensure that all children receive a quality and equitable education. 

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