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We believe Jesus seeks a relationship with every child. But in the impoverished communities where World Vision works, few churches have the knowledge or training to create ministry programs that engage children’s curiosity and interest. Local cultural practices may affect parents’ and caregivers’ ability to create a loving environment in which children can experience and understand God’s unconditional love.

A focus on Christian discipleship means World Vision is intentionally expanding and deepening our work with children, youth, and their support structures—church ministry leaders, parents, and caregivers—to help every last child grow in relationship with Jesus, so he or she can then help others do the same.


As families and communities start to see children as being created in the image of God, they'll learn to more effectively minister to them through children's and youth ministry training, new Sunday schools and Bible clubs, provision of Bibles, and education about caring family relationships. We hope you will join us to raise funds to help children and youth experience the transformative love of Christ.

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Nurturing children’s spiritual growth is not a linear process, but rather cyclical, with children progressively deepening their understanding and faith. Our Christian formation program models guide children through the following key steps as they learn about God and incorporate their understanding into their own lives. The donations you receive through your fundraising campaign will help us reach more children through our efforts to:

  • Enable children to grow in their awareness, knowledge, and experience of Jesus through Sunday schools, Vacation Bible Schools, Bible clubs, church-based camps, and school-based biblical values formation
  • Equip youth to explore God’s purpose for their life and their role as leaders and mentors in their community through youth ministry, mentoring younger children in their faith, and church-based retreats
  • Equip parents and caregivers to provide a safe and caring environment that fosters their children’s spiritual growth through training based on biblical models of forgiveness, raising children, and loving relationships
  • Empower and mobilize churches and Christian organizations to nurture children’s faith in Christ through Bible clubs, camps, and activities that engage their interest and curiosity

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