Give children the schooling they need to stand tall and free from poverty.

Choose Education

Clean Water

Help bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to kids and families.

Choose Clean Water

Child Protection

Help build and create safe environments where children can thrive.

Choose Child Protection


Help kids live healthy lives from the very beginning.

Choose Health

Disaster Relief

Bring life-changing support and neccessities to disaster survivors.

Choose Disaster Relief

Poverty in America

Help families in some of our country's most vulnerable communities.

Choose Poverty in America

Economic Empowerment

Empower families to break the cycle of poverty.

Choose Economic Empowerment

Animals & Agriculture

Help families in need around the world get -- and grow -- nutritious foods.

Choose Food/Agriculture

Where Most Needed

Bring hope and help where they're most needed.

Choose Where Most Needed

Girls & Women

Fight for girls subjected to abuse, child labor, sex trafficking, and early marriage.

Choose Girls & Women 

Hunger Relief

Help provide food & care for hungry, malnourished children.

Choose Hunger relief 

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