World Vision's Response

The problems are significant, but we are deeply committed to help solve them. With the Kenya Child Protection Project, we are tackling FGM, child marriage, and school needs—creating opportunities for girls and boys to reach their potential and live out their dreams.


The project’s goal is to protect children from violence, end child marriage, and increase access to quality education.

We will work to raise the visibility of violence against children and change attitudes and behaviors so children are protected from FGM, child marriage, domestic violence, and all forms of abuse. Equally important are our plans to build classrooms, train teachers, and make other school improvements to give children an education. This includes girls who have undergone FGM as well as girls who are likely to undergo the rite and marry if they are not able to continue their education. The opportunity to attend school empowers girls to acquire knowledge, skills, and confidence to chart their own futures and achieve their dreams. With the completion of this project, attendance at targeted schools is expected to reach 1,559 children (1,243 girls, 316 boys).

Building off of Success

Earlier program work increased access to high-quality girls secondary education and encouraged community advocacy that has sparked a cultural change in attitudes toward girls in a part of West Pokot county in northwest Kenya. Some parents no longer force their daughters to undergo FGM and now support their ongoing education so they can realize their potential and have a brighter future than their own. The program also has expanded primary school classroom capacity for girls and boys, enabling younger girls to continue with school and avoid FGM.

It is this powerful combination of access to quality education and advocacy that World Vision is working to expand and deepen through the current project—changing lives forever.

Our work will continue to improve schools, inspire hope, and create safer communities for children.

The project will be conducted in three areas in West Pokot county in northwest Kenya, as shown on the map below. These are: Marich Pass, Orwa, and Sook.

The Kenya Child Protection Project is a 4-year response that began in October 1, 2015 with a funding goal of $5.5 million. We are almost there!  Our plans to reach over 200,000 people with this life-changing work by September 30, 2019 still needs new partners to invest $1 million in these bright lives.  Learn more about our specific approach.


Please join us to help protect the bright futures of children in Kenya.

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