Refugee crisis videos - watch and share!

#SyriaCrisis What would you take?

What would you take if you had to flee your home in a matter of minutes?

Adel's story

Since fleeing Syria, Adel and his family have lived at a refugee camp, His Dad was killed by a bomb. Adel is now the man of the house and looks after his sisters and earns money to care for his family. Because of this, he misses out on getting an education.

Zeinab's Story

Zeinab is just 14 years old. Having fled Syria, she is separated from her family and in a bid for protection given her vulnerable living conditions, has married a distant relative who is 10 years her senior.

Ahmed's Story

Ahmed came to Lebanon with his parents two years ago. Last year, when relatives were killed in Syria, his parents returned for the funerals. They were unable to get back. He is desperate to see them.

Sara's Story

Child Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly Spaces are important programs that help children recover from psychological trauma.

Ali's Story: "Help us get out of here"

Ali and his family fled the conflict in Syria over three years ago. Now, living in a refugee camp in Lebanon, he spends his days selling tissues or biscuits because his father can't work. In this video by our videographer Nathan Shain, Ali describes the terrible things he's seen, his life now, and his hopes for the future.